Vertical Mixer Feeders

The Redrock Vertical mixer feeder range can mix everything from large round or square bales of silage, straw and hay, to precision cut silage, maize, meal etc.

Serrated Knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous foodstuffs to the length required for effective mixing & healthy digestion. Assisted by two “counter Knives” which restrict the material as it is driven past them by the auger. These come as standard.

The auger incorporates a carefully positioned sweeper arm which has been painstakingly designed by Redrock Machinery to give a perfect blend of all your selected ingredients, time after time, and ensures an even, fluffy and appetising discharge that your cattle will find easy to eat.

The single or two speed drive-line planetary gearbox system is used to reduce horsepower requirements Lowering your feeding fuel costs and free up larger tractors for other tasks on the farm.

Single Auger Vertical Mixer Feeders
Single Auger

Twin Auger Vertical Mixer Feeders
Twin Auger